Our Values

Leading the way for over a decade

Founded in 2007, Cold Clad Ltd are building envelope systems and fire-wall construction solution experts. The company began as project management specialists, however, they expanded to meet the demand for design and installation services. We are now equipped with a full technical design department, experienced management team and professional installation team.

Unmatched excellence and passionate service

We have an impressive portfolio of projects, including some of the largest projects being commissioned today in IT, food production, retail, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. Our clients choose us for our exceptional service – from concept to completion – and our proven track record of technical expertise.

Cold Clad Ltd services include:

  • · Insulated cladding and roofing;
  • · Fire compartment walls, data store chambers and boundary walls;
  • · Maintenance and repairs of building structures and associated items.

Innovative by design

Our company values are to constantly develop ourselves and improve our processes. Our success depends upon the success of our clients and it is important to us that, no matter how good our work has been in the past, it is the service that we provide to our clients today that matters most


Jon Pitman

Managing Director

Anya Webster

General Manager

Colin Baker

Sales Director

Zak Sweeney

Business Development Manager

Richard Tassinari

Business Development Manager

Gerard Powell

Business Development manager

George Brown

Commercial Manager

Jim Campbell

Senior Estimator

Ryan Smith


Emyr Pepperell

Estimator/CAD Designer

Richard Lawes

CAD Designer

Gareth Pitman

Contracts Director

Ben Nash

Senior Contracts Manager

Jeff Travell

Cladding Contracts Manager

Richard Cooke

Contacts Manager

Jade Thompson

Contracts Manager

Joe Lewis

Contracts Manager

Mark Gibbs

Contracts Manager

Kelly Clissold

Contacts Administrator

Del Shipway

Financial Controller

Jatinder Sharma

Accounts Administrator