Modular Chill And Freezer Room

Unmatched Standard

In the cold store construction industry, we are renowned for our excellent standard of workmanship. Cold Clad designs and installs modular chill and freezer rooms for many industries, including food storage and production, pharmaceutical, laboratories, to name just a few.

Our high care production facilities meet industry regulations and clients have come to expect the highest quality modular chill and freezer rooms from Cold Clad. We possess unmatched technical knowledge, shown in our impressive portfolio of work and, most importantly, satisfied clients and repeat business.

Superior Quality

Providing constructions complete with flush fittings and finished to the highest possible standard, Cold Clad are the supreme partner that you can trust, with a proven track record in design, installation and project management.

Take a look at a Cold Clad bespoke modular chill and freezer room.